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Plastic optical fiber applications in lighting
2013-06-20 17:29:00

Due to the unique advantages of fiber optic lighting, it has been widely used in various occasions, and in constant promotion. Now the current domestic application situation is briefly as follows:
1, the interior decoration
In interior decoration, with body glow fiber to form contour lines. The effect is light, the color of smooth. Use of halo lighting, have stereo feeling more.
In the hall, the top with a crystal chandelier can simulate star effect. Gradually, make the person has infinite daydream space.
On the bar, mount crystal droplight more chic.
In the bridal chamber, forming a color optical margin around the simmons, more added warmth and romance of bridal chamber.
2, water features, lighting
Water out of the lighting has lost its charming scenery. Not safe, lighting and bring visitors risk hidden trouble. Due to the fiber optic lighting photoelectric separation is achieved, is absolutely safe in the water of the green lighting.
Fiber optic lighting lighting, except for water to make the color more gorgeous and moving, optical fiber can be used to constitute the contour line of the pool. Makes the water color appearance of vertical and horizontal contour in the pool, form harmonious beauty of lines.
3, the swimming pool
Swimming pool is the body in the water, fiber optic lighting lighting should be preferred. At the same time, using optical fiber as lane boundaries are beautiful and clear.
4, city construction
In lighting engineering, use body glow fiber to form building contour line is the most common applications. Especially for a city's image construction, building contour in the darkness with colorful lines appear more wei wei spectacular. In fiber optic lighting at the same time, the light color available buildings to change with the seasons.
5, the botanical garden afforestation
In landscaping, side glowing optical fiber for booth round lamp, buried lights, make the green road, in the lighting at the same time also has a color change. On the landscape road, mount those dots of side glowing optical fiber, and increased the landscape of interest.
6, karst cave lighting
Cave is a natural landscape, because it does not have the sun, on the light to show it all. Changes the color of the light and flexible fiber, on the lake shore rules dissolve stone and more show its place, the karst cave scenery is more charming. And the most important thing is to clear the unsafe hidden danger to visitors.
7, ancient buildings and cultural relics of the lighting
In a normal light, because of the action of ultraviolet light, make the cultural relics, timberwork building accelerated aging. At the same time is in danger of electricity can cause fire. With fiber optic lighting, safe and can achieve the ideal artistic effect.
Fiber-optic lighting is a new lighting technology, as the product matures and the development of new applications, will be more widely used. At the same time vigorously rising in popularity, lower costs, more mature products. For fiber optic lighting as soon as possible into the ordinary people, to public service.
In environmental art, the concept of green lighting, designs city-lighting is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people today, as a new high-tech materials, fiber optic lighting is increasingly favored by people. Night view lighting of buildings is to use a variety of different effects produced by light sources and lamps and lanterns, combining with the characteristics of buildings and the surrounding environment. Creating buildings as well as during the day and at night and moving effect. Night view lighting design as an emerging technology in building electrical design, has its own rules and characteristics, such as museums, monuments, historical and cultural sites should highlight the cultural atmosphere, elegant style is given priority to, give people unlimited reverie; Government agencies, should pay attention to solemn legal place, let a person respect; And commercial buildings, places of entertainment, should show the beautiful and lively, colorful, luxurious and elegant, the characteristics of shoppers and entertainment consumption desire.
Lighting system or not is directly related to the safety of the people work life security, which requires the landscape lighting system must have a good security system, for the lighting protection, cable interface protection, leakage protection performance of line and grounding device is put forward higher requirements. About electrical equipment safety protection measures, which has detailed requirements on the electrical design specification, there needs to be emphasized the issues of the protection class of lamps and lanterns. Usually is not high for the intensity of illumination requirement, waterscape lighting and the environment is poor, the recommended fiber optic lighting system design. Fiber optic lighting as a kind of advanced lighting method compared with conventional underwater lighting apparatus has the following obvious advantages:
: (1) good safety conductive contact transfer beam optical fiber as a luminous point light source (electrical part) and a light (light injection part) of medium, avoid the light source electrical equipment contact with water, which ensures the well bottom lighting electrical safety;
(2) good energy-saving: traditional underwater lighting lighting power used by each point at least above 25 w, and through the fiber optic lighting, a 150 w markers can drive the 18 out of the light spot, energy-saving effect is obvious;
(3) easy installation control: due to the output of the fiber diameter is small, usually only about 30 mm, very convenient to install. Combined with the luminous point away from the spot, and through the luminous point to add color wheel or filter measures such as can be easily to randomly change the light color, the purpose of fiber optic lighting control operation is very convenient. (4) maintenance is very convenient: optical fiber and optical fiber taillight generally do not need to maintain, and fiber optic light source in general easy to maintain, so system maintenance is very convenient. In other words, fiber optic lighting make wading maintenance history!

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