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Toshiba plastic optical fiber transmission cable -TOCP155, TOCP200
2012-03-30 17:27:09

Hwaying is producing Toshiba plastic optical fiber transmission cable -TOCP155, TOCP200, used in the Toshiba electric frequency of the signal transmission. It prove Hwaying have production, development and supporting capacity for plastic optical fiber in the high-end and sophisticated industrial control applications field.






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We started our business relationship earlier this year. Your first delivery for the fibres was excellent. Good material, just in time delivery. Very good communication. For us a reason to invest if we good do more business in the future with Hwaying POF.
---Mr Ruud from Holland
You have always given us the best quality possible.
---Mr Paul from Fiberfin
You are my best supplier who cooperated with me in supplying the best quality SMA connectorised cables. I am satisfied and so as my customers.
---Mr Rajeev from India
All products are going very well, we have some good potentials.
---Mr Bruce from New Zealand
Optical fibers, we tested the transmission of light energy and maintaining the temperature, both are OK.
---Mr Dalibor Zyka from Czech Republic
We received the items now, all is perfect, thank you very much for your cooperation. We would like to work with you.
---Mr Metin Bekar from Turkey