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For Injection Molding Machine

TOCP200 Fiber Optic Cable Application for JSW Plastic Injection Molding Machine


As POF cable have excellent physical properties including anti-interference, flexible, easy-install.  It can provide a stable and reliable bus access and data transmission in harsh industrial manufacturing environments. Now Optical fiber has been widely used in industrial and medical fields.

For example, TOCP200 Plastic optical fiber cable be used in  JSW Plastic Injection Molding Machine. As following pictures:






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We started our business relationship earlier this year. Your first delivery for the fibres was excellent. Good material, just in time delivery. Very good communication. For us a reason to invest if we good do more business in the future with Hwaying POF.
---Mr Ruud from Holland
You have always given us the best quality possible.
---Mr Paul from Fiberfin
You are my best supplier who cooperated with me in supplying the best quality SMA connectorised cables. I am satisfied and so as my customers.
---Mr Rajeev from India
All products are going very well, we have some good potentials.
---Mr Bruce from New Zealand
Optical fibers, we tested the transmission of light energy and maintaining the temperature, both are OK.
---Mr Dalibor Zyka from Czech Republic
We received the items now, all is perfect, thank you very much for your cooperation. We would like to work with you.
---Mr Metin Bekar from Turkey