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  • Fiber optic lighting

    Fiber optic lighting is a new way of lighting in recent years. As a result of the optical fiber itself has some unique content characteristics, fiber optic lighting can be used in interior decoration lighting, effect of local lighting, billboard lighting, direct lighting, indoor and outdoor building outdoor public area, underwater lighting and building outline and the facade lighting, which have achieved good lighting effect. [View Details]
  • The difference between the Endglow fiber and the Sideglow fiber

    The difference between the Endglow fiber and the Sideglow fiber in illumination is the attenuation. Endglow fiber is with much low attenuation than Sideglow fiber, you may not be able to see the difference by short distance, but if over 30m, and you will see the endglow fiber is brighter than sideglow fiber. Also you cannot see the difference by one fiber, but you put 10 or 20pcs sideglow fiber together, you may find the difference. The sideglow fiber will be light up in all the fibers. [View Details]
  • The first all-fiber optic cable will be built in Franch

    The first all-fiber optic cable will be built in Franch.According to French media reports, France Telecom and government of Palaiseau jointly announced that Palaiseau is about to become France's first all-fiber optic city. [View Details]
  • ECOC –European Conference On Optical Communication

    This year’s ECOC was held in Amsterdam, The Netherland from Sept.17th to 19th. There expose the most update technology of optical communication which covers passive optical device, fiber, cable, active optical device, data communication equipment, tester and so on.ECOC is the biggest Optical fiber communication conference and Show which has 37 years history. It is the entrance of European optical fiber communication market and opportunity for meeting the new technology of optical fiber communication. [View Details]
  • Korea International Optoelectronics Exhibition will be held in Gwangju

    "Korea International Optoelectronics Exhibition Photonics Korea" will be held in Korea Kim Dae-jung Convention Center,Gwangju. In the exhibition hosted by Korea Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (KAPID), has been successfully held in the eleventh, the optical field of trade in Northeast Asia only professional optical communications Exhibition Industry Seminar.The South Korean government in recent years invested heavily in the development of the optoelectronics industry, focusing on support for the product: the development of optical communication products, special lighting, optical precision machinery, optical equipment and optical networking software products, has laid the foundation for the development of the optoelectronics industry [View Details]
  • Global Optical network Project stimulates the market of optical device

    Recently, Smart City, Fiber to the home / FTTH, and other optical network project have been landed in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The three Operators in China all putting more attention in those projects, which largely stimulates the market of optical device, especially due to the FTTH projects.Those two years, optical device market maintains a sound momentum of growth. However, according to the report of OVUM, there is a 2% decreased in this year’s second quarter, and this is the first time of decrease. From two news, we are seeing an absurd issue. In one side, optical device market is enlarging, in other side, the transaction is depressed. [View Details]
  • Australian FTTB, FTTH hybrid broadband network project

    Australian FTTB, FTTH hybrid broadband network project.Australian proposed national broadband network will help to increase the number of IPTV. Frost & Sullivan, one of market research firm forecasted to 2014 and said that there will be 235,000 IPTV subscribers in the the country, and because of New Zealand's new broadband network will also have 141,000 IPTV subscribers in 2014.This new network will be based on fiber to the building FTTB and fiber home FTTH mixed, the transmission speed of up to 100Mb / s. [View Details]
  • POF for Smart Grid, power System

    POF for Smart Grid, power System.There is no other material than POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) will be more suitable for Power system and Smart Grid. Power system and Smart Grid is of high voltage, and easily been shocked by thunder. It is also a dangerous for human and electricity Workers. [View Details]
  • The status quo of plastic optical fiber

    POF abbreviation of Plastic Optical Fiber or called Polymer Optical Fiber is widely known now due to its great anti-interference and easy-installation. And POF is hoped to replace CAT5 and twisted-pair to be the main component for the network both on telecom or industry Ethernet. In the view of products, POF is no doubt with more advantage. Firstly, POF is on the right side of the “Light back into the copper” development way. On the other hand, POF is standing on the point that saving energy, and more environmental friendly. Once POF related products become mature and stably, POF should be the most competitive products for Telecom network and Ethernet network. Till now, POF is still not become the first thinking in Tele-com network and Ethernet network due to POF industry’s immature. POF industry is still in a hard way and have not been widely used due to its industry chain have not been formed. What’s the worse, Industry standard still have not been formed which has seriously restricted the development its development.  Now, with the POF industry development rapidly, the industry is become more and more mature, which requires each parts to cooperate and move forward.     [View Details]
  • Google recently announced the details behind Google Fiber

    Google recently announced the details behind Google Fiber,its incredibly fast new Internet service that’ll cost eligible Kansas City residents $70 per month. Another $50 will add a cable TV package to the mix as well. All in all, $120 is in line with what you’d expect to pay for similar TV-plus-Internet service from other major cable providers.So why would someone in Kansas City want to make the switch? [View Details]

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News & Events

Fiber optic lighting is a new way of lighting in recent years. As a result of the optical fiber its...
The difference between the Endglow fiber and the Sideglow fiber in illumination is the attenuation....


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